docsage_caraHere we are, the days are slowly becoming longer, the white blanket that has coated the earth is slowly receding, and we are starting to shed our outer layers… Spring is fast upon us. As we enter this time of rebirth, here are some things to keep in mind as we begin the second quarter and start anew.


Take time to reflect on where you would like to go in the coming months. Be mindful of yourself and the achievements you wanted to accomplish in the New Year. Be mindful of the goals you set for yourself personally. Be mindful of your emotions; do not push them aside to be “dealt with later”. Unattended emotions often have costly consequences. Make the time to take care of any loose ends you might have with others and open up your relationships with thoughtfulness. As the long winter ends, a new season begins with new opportunities to bring mindfulness and presence into everything you do.


As the earth sheds its outer layers of snow and ice, so should you. Slowly shed everything you have held onto over these chilly months. Start to cleanse yourself from fats, sugars, and carbs that have stuck to you like insulation. Set perimeters for yourself to begin feeling revived and renewed. Limit your alcohol intake to just three times a week and your bread intake to once day. Allow your body to shed itself of the heaviness it’s been carrying to survive through the winter. Spring is coming and with it, a new physical lightness to be embraced.


Care for your spirit, it has held you strong through the toughest days of the winter. Designate one day a week for 15 minutes of mediation or take 2-5 minutes each day to reflect and reconnect to your inner self. A local Wisconsin college, St. Norbert College, designates one hour a week on Wednesdays for its student body to mediate and reflect. Meditation is key to self-understanding that allows you to see the world truly and without contempt. When one truly understands oneself, they can begin to understand the world.

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Dr. Sage Campione

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