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Do You Have A  Healthy Home?

You are doing everything you can to help your family thrive… eating organic, taking your vitamins, whirling vita-mix shakes daily and even drinking the cleanest water.  But have you thought of where you live… your home? Could the chemicals you are exposed to be hurting your health?

The Green Design Center (GDC) is a reliable source for sustainable and environmentally friendly building products. They are the only one’s in the USA that have the ‘Degree of Green’ ranking system. This allows you to decide what is green to you and your family, and breaks down the negatives and positives of the product.

Not all products are perfectly environmentally friendly. There are degrees. The largest premise GDC supports is full disclosure so you, as the consumer, can make a clear decision. If only we had full disclosure with everything!

The GDC has been around over 23 years, serving folks of all walks. For example, some are in great need to have a healthy home environment because their child suffers with asthma, autism, MCS, ADD or allergies. They are wanting to improve their home by choosing materials that are non-toxic or the least toxic to avoid exacerbation of symptoms. Others seek a healthy environment to decrease a chronic unknown cause of their headaches. Some are looking for freedom from general allergies. Overall, seeking a green home can help you and your family thrive healthfully – it is the whole picture.

Start one item at a time.  For instance, changing the logs out of your gas fireplace to fire crystals will decrease your exposure to a dangerous chemical fume. This is economical and a great place to start with cold weather ahead. Once you begin to explore the products that Green Design Center offers, it will become exciting to decide what is next to change in your home.

The costs are not much different than large commercial store pricing.

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