The American diet is sorely lacking in many of the foods that provide key micronutrients beneficial in disease reduction.

As a result, many individuals rely on dietary supplements to replace missing nutrients in their diets, but the question remains whether supplements actually provide the individuals with the nutrients that they specifically are deficient in.

Furthermore, nutrient supplementation is the subject of much debate and extensive research on whether or not they provide protection with regard to cancer incidence.

Without knowing a person’s deficiencies or genetic dispositions for certain diseases, how can they possibly be sure that they are supplementing to fit their direct individual needs?

At our clinic we take away the guessing game. Our most advanced exam/lab tests give us the specific and detailed answers to assure you that you are getting the key micronutrients beneficial to reducing disease.

We make sure that you are accurately supplemented nutritionally help provide you with protection against any cancer incidence from happening down the road.

Schedule online today for your nutritional consultation and begin your journey to optimum health.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or to further discuss your hesitations about chiropractic or nutritional care at docsage@docsage.com.

Be Your Best Health,

Dr. Sage Campione

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